L o a d i n g

The emergence of digital marketing & the digital marketing growth in India is certainly very interesting facts. A few years back, the concept of “Digital Marketing” was not such a popular phenomenon towards half of the nation, but gradually the change has started to take place. The human mind has started to think technically even the marketing strategy, resulting in an interesting story of digital marketing growth in India.

If we look back to history, we see, digital marketing growth in India doesn’t take place overnight. It was the surge of the internet in India, quite an event itself which made the entry of digital marketing in the country. The year was 1996 when very few people came across the word “digital marketing”.

Gradually in 2000, people in India became more acquainted with SEO and digital marketing. But digital marketing is nothing but online marketing or e-marketing which needs a strong internet foundation everywhere.

At that time internet was not a matter available at the fingertip, even one couldn’t think of full-fledged digital marketing growth in India whether it would be possible or not. So, despite being interested, people waited for the moment when the real growth would take its proper shape.

- Internet Era of India – 2008 Onwards.

By 2008, India started to witness the outpouring of the internet across the country. It was a magical experience to see the country use search engines like Google and to change and grow under the shadow of the internet. Many companies, digital marketing agencies started to offer services in the field of digital marketing.

SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, etc. introduced a new marketing strategy to the people of India. People noticed that the newly launched marketing formulas could also bring brand awareness and generate sales. So gradually in place of the traditional marketing methods like billboards, print ads, broadcasting, etc.

Business owners became conscious regarding the prominent presence of their brands in Google. By end of 2010, many popular brands and small-scale businesses preferred to make small SEO changes on their respective websites, run organic or paid online ads for the exposure of their brands to the target audiences.

Hence, it can be considered as a technological movement, resulting in an overall digitalization in every aspect of life and thus the nation observed enhancement of digital marketing in India.

-Present Scenario of Digital Marketing

The movement of digitalization is perhaps the most fast-moving event in the history of any innovation. It has reached 50 percent of the population of the developing country within almost two decades which sounds fascinating.

Today India believes that digital marketing is the lifeline of business and its multiple channels like SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media marketing, etc play a very important role to enhance communication, sales, exposure, and reach.

But like any other expert, a proficient digital marketer also needs to know every know-how of digital marketing, occurring with the change of time and upgrade his skills and learn more.

So, with growing need, digital marketing agencies have introduced a few new trends of digital marketing that have made an appearance to shape the digital marketing growth in India in a more happening way. Some of the amazing futuristic digital marketing trends are-

  • 01 Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • 02 Augmented Reality (AR).
  • 03 Programmatic Advertising.
  • 04 Voice Search Optimization.
  • 05 Chatbots.
  • 06Personalization
  • 07Automated & Personalized E-Mail Marketing
  • 08Marketing Automation
  • 09Micro-Influencers
  • 10User Generated Content
  • 11Geofencing
  • 12Omnichannel Marketing
  • 13Video Marketing
  • 14Instagram Reels
-Future Of Digital Marketing

If we discuss the future of digital marketing in India, it is seen that the growth of digital marketing in India is very much prospective in the future too. Data says India ranks second in the world on the internet using list, just after China. By 2023, it is predicted that in India, there will be more than 650 million & by 2025, 900 million internet users which is a massive number and can build easily a strong digital ecosystem in the country.

Over the last few years, small towns and the rural belts of the nation have shown a noteworthy digital drive, according to a report which is 31 % of the population, adopting the internet actively in life. In fact, by 2025, rural India will precede urban India in terms of internet usage.

As per data, 67% of the urban population is using internet listing, Maharashtra at the top, Goa at second, Kerala at third, and Bihar at the last, followed by Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. Moreover, we can see a direct impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on online marketing platforms.

It has accelerated the digitalization of the nation by generating 100 million consumers towards a digital platform. Digitalization can be considered as the new concept of progress and it is the pillar of the economy, triggering promotion, reach, sales and payments everything under one niche.

Digital marketing in India is going to be happening at a faster rate and the new trends are just about to show their magical performance in the online marketing sector. Study says, video, voice, and vernacular, the 3 v’s can be proved as a game-changer for digital marketing in the coming years.

Even the government of India has started the campaign “Digital India” with a mission to transform the entire country into a digitalized one. Digital marketing is also a very cost-effective and affordable means if we compare it with other marketing platforms. For example, quality content on social media can entertain & engage a good number of people but in a pocket-friendly way.

From small startups to business tycoons, everybody is nowadays preferring digital platforms to get visible in front of their target zone. So, following the popular note of today, it can be safely said, “Being Digital is Being Global”.

“I owe my success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice, and then going away and doing the exact opposite.”